India’s Declining Parsi Population: Al Jazeera


November 27, 2014

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Jiyo Parsi | News

Al Jazeera English TV had a panel discussion revolving around the Jiyo Parsi scheme and recent ad campaign. The panelists were Shireen Havewala of Zoroastrian Return To Roots, Hoshaang Gotla of XYZ Foundation, Simin Patel of Bombaywalla  and Parsi Khabar’s own Arzan Sam Wadia.

Check out the video recording. If you are in the USA and cannot view the video, try this link


  1. Sohrab Kamdin

    Dear Sir, I am happy to see that the Jiyo Parsee & many other eminent Parsee scholars, & doctors are taking an active interest in the declining rate of the Parsee Zorastrian population. Many methods have been discussed & tried, and many are ideas are on the way. But time is now gradually running out. The MAIN stumbling block is”PARSEE ZORASTRIAN”. If we go back to our Roots in Iran & some of the surrounding places there are small villages, towns & settlements where there are Zorastrians who still carry the Zorastrian genes & live seprately to keep the Faith. They may be different in many ways due to centuries of seperation & most of us have come from those very areas. One wonders which is “The lost tribe of the Parsees” – who originated from Pars & other areas of iran. One suggestion I would like to put forward is that our Priests & scholars should go across to these areas & see & if possible, open discussions regarding our problem . . After all we came 1300 years ago from these areas & those left behind are Zorastrians Genetically, which is our main barrier to cross. Many ways habits will need to be adjusted, but didn’t we do the same when we landed in Sanjan about 1300 years ago. ? Did we not change our language from Dari to gugrati & gave certain promises to Jadi Rana? I’m sure the G.O.I. will help with visas etc. One never knows if these ideas are ever tried. If our youth can go abroad & marry outside their faith, why cant they marry within their faith from the “POOL” of zorastrians & bring home the Parsee zorastrian Gene which is the greatest stumbling block for us at the Moment.

  2. Sohrab Kamdin

    Dear Anusua, sorry for the delay in replying to your query. There is a Parsee Temple near Kumle circle & our priest might be able to give you a lot of information. We also have a Parsee Association (anjuman) which has a President & a secretary. As I am not a member & live about 18 – 20Km. away we hardly meet any Parsees. Our Priest may be able to give you the telephone numbers of our President or secretary by which you could get some information from them.

  3. Sohrab Kamdin

    Already sent