Jiyo Parsi Launches A Brilliant Print Advertising Campaign


November 10, 2014

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Jiyo Parsi | News

Jiyo Parsi is a Government of India supported scheme to arrest the decline in population of the Parsi Zoroastrian Community in India. Headed by the phenomenal Shernaz Cama, the program launched a major ad blitzkrieg today. The advertisements will run in the print media in the days and weeks to come.

The advertising campaign was spearheaded by Madison Advertising and the father-daughter duo of Sam and Lara Balsara. Raj Nair was the creative head for the campaign. The tongue-in-cheek, fantastically witty lines were dreamed up by good friend and ad whiz Rayomand J. Patell. Shyam Samant art-directed the campaign and Farzan Randelia shot it. Rayomand, Shyam and Farzan all lent their talent and craft pro bono towards the effort.

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  1. Vahishta Mistry

    If I cared more, I would find this campaign incredibly offensive and tasteless. Thankfully my decision to have kids is not dependent on or swayed by tacky visuals, provocative headlines and idiotic copy. Also, guys, it’s 2014 and we’re coming up on 7 billion people in the world and you want MORE babies?

  2. rani haridas

    Now with inter caste/religion/state/country marriages why bother

  3. Neil Sadwelkar

    Please, dear Parsi friends, go forth and multiply. You don’t need to know maths for this activity.

    I loved the campaign. Because I want the world to have more Parsis. They are the happiest and most positive bunch of people I’ve met. They also eat the best food, dress the best, and have the best manners.

    scroll.in has an article critical of this campaign. This is typical ‘minority mentality’ that some people have, and thankfully Parsis do not, and never will.

    So please please disregard this ‘other minority’ who only criticises the rest of the world, spreads fear and terror, and forever thrives on being a ‘victim’.

  4. Anahita Masters

    This campaign is regressive, offensive and bigoted and should be boycotted by any self respecting Parsi who has the ability to think for himself/herself and decide IF, WHEN and WITH WHOM they may want to take life’s many plunges.

  5. Viraf B

    This is a mockery of the Zoroastrian community. I feel sorry for the individuals who think that this is going to help the community grow. This is only going to make us look like a bunch of fools who don’t have a mind of their own. Individuals who approved of this campaign should look at how we can work on giving a safer / better quality future to our generations to come like our forefathers did. Please don’t promote this mockery.

  6. Anahita Masters

    An Open Letter to the Creators of the Jiyo Parsi campaign http://bit.ly/1yBY4xb

  7. Kaizad Patel

    I Indeed salute the initiative called “Jiyo Parsi” by Government of India and rest. But there are many factors which today are playing a big challenges for this initiative to get successful. I would like to highlight few points here.

    1) Giving birth to a baby is not enough , a child is a big responsibility further. Making sure to give them the best. Most important factor is the time. The way today world is moving in a fast direction things are becoming more and more expensive . One earning member and a family to support. Are the community leaders ready to support them with a good financial help, educational help, housing help, medical help etc.

    2) Girls getting married outside the community… Nothing offensive.Everyone has their own choice to make , but did anyone tried to identify why this is happening?.. Lot many say Parsi boys are not well settled. They dont have their own house. They want only boys from USA,UK and in Bombay they should not be residing in far suburbs. Terms and conditions apply.. Jiyo Parsi hopefully change this. Though Government has given their support but why there are no Parsi guys in Government jobs , where we are also termed as Minorities. Is Government not doing anything on this

    3) Initially in olden days many Parsi companies were having majority of Parsi employees . Today even a Parsi youth has to struggle and is not given a preference in these companies, coz these are all now Union drivens. Majority of Politicians have their caste quotas there. Why cant our Parsi Enterprenuers give preference first to our community people. Think on it..

    My views over here are not to criticize anyone but along with a new family member there comes a big responsibility and those are only fulfilled when an individual along with his hardwork gets support from few peers.

    Hopefully after Jiyo Parsi , things change .. We Pray..

  8. Kaizad Patel

    Completely agree with the points you have mentioned Ms Anahita.. Good one..

  9. Ardeshir Jussavala

    Unbelievably juvenile and tacky messaging! This came from Madison? How did this pass in any media?

  10. Ardeshir Jussavala

    Agree completely! Saw these for the first time today, and we all should be offended. ‘We’re superior’ is almost Nazi-like in it’s meaning.