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Jiyo Parsi Launches A Brilliant Print Advertising Campaign

Jiyo Parsi is a Government of India supported scheme to arrest the decline in population of the Parsi Zoroastrian Community in India. Headed by the phenomenal Shernaz Cama, the program launched a major ad blitzkrieg today. The advertisements will run in the print media in the days and weeks to come.

The advertising campaign was spearheaded by Madison Advertising and the father-daughter duo of Sam and Lara Balsara. Raj Nair was the creative head for the campaign. The tongue-in-cheek, fantastically witty lines were dreamed up by good friend and ad whiz Rayomand J. Patell. Shyam Samant art-directed the campaign and Farzan Randelia shot it. Rayomand, Shyam and Farzan all lent their talent and craft pro bono towards the effort.

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