A New Dar-E-Mehr is Born in New York !!


March 27, 2016

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March 26th will henceforth be remembered as a momentous day in the life of the Zarathushti community not only in the Tristate area but for all Zoroastrians worldwide.

The new building of the Arbab Rustam Guiv Dar-E-Mehr was inaugurated on this Khordad Saal Day (Fasli Calendar) in Pomona, New York.

Home to both the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York and the Iranian Zoroastrian Association, the Dar-E-Mehr opening was the culmination of a 6 year process, or in reality; a decades long process, from the time the community organized itself in New York since the 1960’s.

The building of this new Dar-E-Mehr put the community through its biggest test, one of working united, fundraising, planning and getting the project to its ultimate culmination. The process was not easy, but it proved that with unity, passion, leadership and volunteer spirit, nothing is impossible.

To the “first generation” of the community, this building finally plants their permanence in the “new land”, the new diaspora. To the younger adults today it raises the bar to achieve more in the years to come. And to the hundred and more youth present in the audience yesterday the building is now a breathing living testament to their faith and community, that they in the year ahead can feel proud of.

Below are some pictures of the Inauguration. A detailed report of the day will follow later.

Jashan in progress

Jashan in progress

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