Parsi Portal: Android App Launched


August 2, 2015

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Parsi Portal is a new and interesting app for Android smartphones and tablets that’s just been launched recently

COoeGlKSQ5fsXIYqgWs2lzHJ9Oxmx3zeCAm7lGEPLTN6AO0_r4Ga6BQuWTiYb59d5A=w300Jamshir Goorabian, one of the creators of the new Parsi Portal app writes in…

“Parsi Portal”, our very own community app, is available on the Play Store! Parsi Calendar, Community Events, Prayers, News, Yellow Pages and much more, all in one place. Download. Be Zoroastrian. Share.

The app’s despcrition on Google’s Play Store

As a community, Parsis need to come together rather than ostracise. We as Parsis need to be an integral part of the social fabric that binds us together. It’s time we unite. It’s time we do something, never done before….

Introducing Parsi Portal. A new, innovative way for all Parsi Iranis to quickly stay in touch with current community affairs. Get updates from your favourite community groups right at your fingertips.

✪ Calendar: this is our very own parsi calendar which shows you the Roj, Mah, Saal, Vaar and the Gah based on the user’s choice in the app. He/she can easily find out the Roj-Mah-Saal of a date by selecting it on the screen.

✪ Events: The social heart of the app. We will be collaborating with as many community groups as possible to push notifications and live updates to the users of the app. Having notifications of all the events happening in one place, within our app, will help the people manage the same very well.

✪ Yellow Pages: we have included all the popular contacts that a Zoroastrian living in Mumbai might need. From doctors to Irani cafes, we have covered it all. The list will just keep growing.

✪ Prayers: this section contains the most common (day-to-day) prayers that a Zoroastrian recites. To make it more informative, we have also included the English translations of each within our app.

✪ Udvada: Our native place deserves a section of its own. We have covered navigation to the holy town, hotels in Udvada, general info, history of our religion and a few helpful contacts that one might need on his pilgrimage.

✪ Parsi Times: Bringing the latest in community news to you as frequently as possible. Stay updated with the latest in updates from one of the most popular Zoroastrian newspaper publishers.


The app is developed by Kaizad Avari, Jamshir Goorabian and Vivek Patani. More about the app on its website here

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