Are you bawa enough to act?


August 2, 2015

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The golden age of Parsi-Gujarati theatre may be long over, but a few drama-loving bawas are determined to revive it. Theatre veteran Burjor Patel, his daughter Shernaz Patel, lighting director Sam Kerwalla, media guru Sam Balsara, senior journalist Meher Marfatia and Jim Vimadalal are scouting for writers, directors and actors from the Parsi community across the country.

And to allow them to pick the best, a talent-hunt is on its way. Titled, Draame-Bawaas, it will invite Parsis aged 16 and above to present 30-45 minute one-act plays in Gujarati or English, spanning comedy, drama, thriller or mystery.

The kickback? The final four plays will be mentored by the best in the business, with talent standing the chance to be absorbed in the sequel to NCPA’s hit production, Laughter in the House 2. “We don’t see talent in the numbers we did when my parents acted,” says Shernaz about Burjor and Ruby’s Patel’s reign on Parsi stage.

“The multiple stagings every weekend are gone. Now you have the one-off show on Parsi New Year. It’s dad’s idea and NCPA has been gracious to support it.” May the natak live long.

Sinppet from: Mid Day: Mumbai Diary: Sunday Shorts, By Clayton Murzello, Phorum Dalal, Ananya Ghosh and Anju Maskeri