An Open Letter to Bill Gates


April 14, 2020

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A long time dear reader of ours, who wishes to remain anonymous has written this very pertinent open letter to Bill Gates.

An open letter to: ‘Bill Gates’

A ‘Prophet’ in our Times. – In both sense of the word!

Dear Bill Gates,

Your life story, is a perfect example, of what made ‘America Great’

You are truly a ‘Prophet in our Times’ – the 21st Century.

Let me clarify ….

Prophet: A person who speaks by divine inspiration, revealing/ interpreting the ‘will of god’. Prophets have appeared in many religions throughout history. – Britannica Encyclopaedia.

Historically, the Arya ‘Sage Bhrigu’ –6000 BCE–  aka, Parsu Ram, Zaradhost, Zoroastra, etc.

Preached, his pristine philosophy –in ancient ‘Avastan’ language– the path mankind must follow for a life of enlightenment 

Path of ‘Spenta Manyus’ (splendid mind) & oppose ‘Angra Manyus’ (angry, brooding mind)

Path of‘Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta’ (Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds) 

Path of ‘Asha’ (the righteous path of truth)

Path of ‘Help to the Needy’ (in Ahunavar proclamation: Yasna 27. 13)

     “. . . . Kshathrem-cha Ahura ai | yim drigubyo dadat vastarem”               Yasna 27.13

   “Strength of Ahura is unto him | who to his poorer brother, giveth help”   I. J. S. Taraporewala

Prophet: A person who can foretell the future; predicts & warns of events about to happen. Such as, the Biblical Sages: ‘Prophet Isaiah’, ‘John the Baptise’, etal.

And, French doctor ‘Nostradamus’, the American psychic ‘Edgar Cayce’, etal.       

By resigning as CEO of ‘Microsoft’ board, to spend your life in philanthropic ventures; and your 2015 warning, about a pandemic inflicting the world; are both profound prophetic statements.

Sir, you are truly ‘A Prophet in our Times’

With warm regards,

Anonymous admirer.

April 2020.

Bill Gates Predicted Coronavirus-Like Outbreak in 2019 …

Bill Gates predicted a coronavirus-like outbreak – down to it starting at a Chinese market – in 2019 Netflix documentary show ‘The Next Pandemic’

  • Bill Gates appeared in Netflix ‘Explained’ series to discuss risks of viral spread
  • The billionaire said world is ill-prepared to deal with global pandemic
  • Microsoft tycoon predicted virus outbreak would begin in wet market in China.