Toronto Parsis to Livestream Parsi Natak


April 14, 2020

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Madan Ni Mansik Hospital

When: 18 Apr 2020 7:00 PM, EDT
Where: Online


Premier Natak

Madan Ni Mansik Hospital

Brought to you by the Toronto Parsi Drama Group

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold at an alarming speed and as we are all doing our part by staying at home….Do you Need something light-hearted to cheer you up?  Looking for maasti majah without Corona?

The Toronto Parsi Drama Group is here to ease your “mann” and “tann” with the best medicine around – LAUGHTER! 

The Following Natak was performed live at the Ontario Zoroastrian Community Centre, in Oakville, Ontario Canada in 2018.

We bring this to you on April 18th, 2020 from 7.00pm onwards, for 24 hours, with a hope to lighten your day.

7pm viewing is known as a Premier event
Meaning you can participate online in chatting via typing to others that are watching (You cannot rewind it if you join this session late)

9pm April 18th to 7pm April 19th viewing is open for anyone to connect and watch at their leisure.

You can watch the Natak by Clicking on the link below: