Rethink Religion: A New Initiative


July 12, 2013

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Rethink Religion is a new initiative set up by a group of Zarathushtis based in Princeton, New Jersey; USA.

They are conducting an initial survey to find out how global youth view and practice their Religion.

As stated

Instead of telling them what to do, we need to first ask…

“How do the youth practice & view spiritual wellbeing?”

This 3-minute survey applies to all religious affiliations, including atheists. Some basic premise of this survey is noted on the website

Please click here to access the Survey

Please introduce this survey link to youth groups age 13 and above from High Schools, Colleges, Universities & Community organizations, encouraging them to take this short survey.

Checkout the Facebook page for Rethink Religion in support of this survey.

Please “Like” this Facebook page and “Share” the first post, to help distribute this survey globally across Nations, Religions and Belief Systems.

Thanks in advance for encouraging your friends and acquaintances to participate in this survey.

Check out the new initiative and participate in the survey.