Firdaus Shroff to offer Sports Consultancy Services

Firdaus Shroff, father of teenage Indian tennis star Kyra & under-13 national football player Porus has launched his own Sports Consultancy service to guide parents on how to convert a sporting dream into a reality for their wards.

kyra_and_firdaus Having spent an enormous amount of time developing relationships and evaluating training schools in India and abroad for his own kids, Shroff is well equipped to share his knowledge with parents hoping to make the leap from club and district level players to the rigours of actual match play.

The amount of time spent in the training of Kyra and Porus has been an “education in itself” said Firdaus in an exclusive chat with “And having myself been trained in table tennis, cricket, badminton and volleyball, there is an experience base that parents can just tap right into”.

“I wish to assist and help parents who have kids with sporting ability, to provide relevant direction to them and help them support their kids to take up sport, instead of just pushing them towards education. There are times parents do not recognize the ability of their kids in their sporting fields and the possibilities of them making a career in sport, and it will be my job to show them what they can do for their kids, and what and how much more the kids could achieve if guided by an experienced professional like myself.”

The core deliverables that Firdaus will provide include:

a) Guidance in sport selection
b) Where to send kids for training
c) The possible costs involved
d) The required ability and intensity required
e) Guidance towards scholarships and sponsorships
f) Helping to tie up with possible promoters
g) Kitting and equipment
h) Mental fitness and other intensive requirements
i) Physical fitness and guidance
j) Direction for press coverage

Firdaus concluded, “Sending a child to a coach is not enough to learn and excel in a sport, proper guidance/direction needs to be given to physical & mental strengthening, diet, exercise and each of these needs a balance to make a sportsperson excel in his/her own sport.”

If his performance with his own children is any benchmark, there is no doubt that Firdaus Shroff has the right balance of knowledge and practical experience to help others too.

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  • I would like to congratulate Firdaus Shroff on this recent venture of his own Sports Consultancy service for providing assistance and direction to parents and children. Something really needed in our community.

    Having been in London for 5 years, reading this article on an individual making strong attempts to encourage young talent, has been very interesting.

    Me as a person having started from very humble beginnings, brought up within the Panday Sanitorium, studied, worked hard and even been a seasoned table tennis player I know the sentiment involved in having a professional mentor and guide. Something I can proudly say helped me in my future in UK and also enabled me to win the Table tennis championship tournament last year in London. In this case with a Sports Consultancy service What better bonus than the person being Firdaus, a kind, knowledgable Parsi!

    In my opinion recognition from not only parents but also an overall community recognition is very important. This specially for hardworking poor Parsis who may have extensive potential to on their own build a mark in education, sports but no accolades to reward the achievements. We all like to be recognised and suitable recognition not only boosts morale but also enables continuous encouragement specially from a young encouragable age.

    Well done Firdaus and wishing you and your family luck on this venture with lots of success stories to follow.