Kushti Prayers: The Correct Protocol


February 12, 2009

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Prescribed Method of doing Paadyaab-Kushti

Originally featured in Dini Avaz, Mar.-Apr. 1999


The Paadyaab is an important step while performing the Kushti. The Kushti is incomplete without doing the Paadyaab first i.e. while reciting Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao. Ashem Vohu (1) wash the exposed parts of the body hands and arms, face and feet (if open).


1. Face the direction of the Sun. If the Sun has set, then face SOUTH. Never face the NORTH while doing the Kushti or reciting any other prayer.

2. WITHOUT UNTYING the Kushti, recite Kem Na Mazda . While praying the last sentence Nemaschaa yaa Armaitish Ezaacha, place your right (if male) or left (if female) hand s index finger (this is the Burjisi finger) on the navel, look at the floor and think, May this Kushti induce in me devotion and humility of Spenta Armaiti .

3. Untie the Kushti. Fold it by making the two ends meet. Then insert the index finger of the left hand into the loop and hold the Kushti with the right hand, letting the ends droop towards the earth.

4. Be reciting the Ahura Mazda Khordae prayer.

5. While reciting Ahereman Ava dashann door avajh dashtaar, jhad Shekasteyh Baad, crack the Kushti lightly towards the North.

6. While reciting Ahereman Divan, Darujaan, &.. again crack the Kushti lightly towards the North.

7. While reciting Doosh Padshahaan Avaa deshaan Baad&. Again crack the Kushti lightly towards the North.

8. Crack the Kushti three times while reciting the words Dushmata, Doojhokhta and Doojhvrashta.

9. While reciting Manashni, Gavashni, Kunashni, form two loops, first with the right hand and then the left. Then bring the two hands together to form the third loop.

10. While reciting Taroiditey Anghere Mainyush, hold the Kushti at the same point but release the two loops. Crack the Kushti, held in this way, three times towards the North. (Caution: Ensure that at no point in time does the Kushti touch the ground).

11. While reciting Haithyaa Varashtaam Hyat Vasnaa& encircle the Kushti once around the waist and bring the two ends to the front.

12. While reciting the word Shyothenanaam in the first Yatha Ahu Vairyo, cross the right strand over the left and holding the left strand in the right hand, drop it into the loop caused by the crossing of the strands, and tighten the knot while finishing the Yatha. While reciting the first Yatha Ahu Vairyo think, I remember Ahura Mazda, whose instrument I wish to become through my deeds (Shyothna).

13. Do the same in the reverse fashion while reciting the second Yatha i.e. drop the strand in the loop from the left hand side.

14. While reciting the second Yatha think, I remember Lord Zarathushtra who is my prophet, guru and guide, who has shown me the way of becoming Ahura Mazda s instrument. I am invoking His power station and taking into myself His divine currents, so that I may advance nearer and nearer to Ahura through my deeds (Shyothna) .

15. While reciting Ashem Vohu, tie the knot behind the waist, putting the strand in the loop on the word Ashem .

16. Shift and adjust the Kushti so that the front knot is on the navel. Stretch the knot so as to form two holes. Insert the index finger of each hand into the holes and recite Jasa Me Avangahe Mazda while looking at the knot.


  1. Geve

    Referring to point 2, praying the Kem Na Mazda without untying the kusti, the following should also be borne in mind: when doing the Kusti prayer after a bath, directly start prayers with the Hormazde Khodai prayer. The Kem Na Mazda prayer is always the first prayer when kusti is already worn and is being untied

  2. Ronny

    Thanks for the wonderful knowledge.
    Please give more on our Religion.