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May Thou Blaze Resplendent Oh Iranshah – Kavi Ardeshir Khabardar – Shreeji Iranshah No Garbo

Our dearest friend and mentor Ervad Soli Dastur writes in on the occasion of the upcoming Salgreh of the Iranshah Atashbehram Shehenshahi Adar Mah has already started and on Adar Roj and Adar Mah, April 21st Tuesday, we will celebrate Iranshah’s...
Our Mobeds – Our Community’s Lifelines

Our Mobeds – Our Community’s Lifelines

Our dear friend, mentor and community leader Dinshaw K. Tamboly shares some thoughts on the occasion of Parsi New Year 2019Dinshaw K. Tamboly writes….At the outset, on the auspicious occasion of...

Doa-E-Tandorasti Prayers

Below is a video of Ervad Kobad Jamshed praying the Doa-e-Tandorasti. The prayers are being recited at the San Jose Dar-E-Mehr in California, USA. Video filmed by Rusi Sorabji.

Kushti Prayers: The Correct Protocol

Prescribed Method of doing Paadyaab-Kushti Originally featured in Dini Avaz, Mar.-Apr. 1999 PAADYAAB The Paadyaab is an important step while performing the Kushti. The Kushti is incomplete without...