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Reminiscing About Behram Contractor

Every Saturday morning, as I am doing now, the great Bombay writer Behram Contractor would hunch over his typewriter and punch out his weekly column. It was a special edition of his daily column, which was called Round and About, by Busybee, Contractor’s writing name. By Aakar Patel / The News Pakistan He wrote for…Read More

Parsi Memories: Ideal Restaurant

By Rusi Sorabjee IDEAL RESTAURANT ….a gastronomic heaven (Still there in 2009,But shifted about 100 mtrs away and inside from main road.) (The IRANI Restaurant… quintessentially Zarathushti Restaurant of old.) It was an old building standing guard –resolute and proud – on Hornby Road, a street that was and still is the main artery of…Read More

Parsi Memories: Chom-e-shvaa

By Rusi Sorabjee In our scriptures there is a mention that ‘it was obligatory, as thanks-giving’ to save a bit of the meal at the end for the dog – during Sassanian times, it was called the "Chom e shvaa". Those who did not have a pet dog , used to carry the saved food…Read More

Parsi Memories : Daily Loban Ritual

By Rusi Sorabjee One of the daily ritual in a Parsi/Irani homes in India of the early 20th Century, that brings back happy memories of our childhood, of a bygone era, when the days had morehours, families had more members, dinning tables had more chairs, we were more religious and the community felt like being…Read More