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The fun of being a Parsee

It lies in many things…. It’s like belonging to an exclusive Club worldwide. Birth, the only credential and consideration; nothing, but nothing else works, no sirree! No waiting lists, no entrance fees, no other eligibility! A minuscule community, incurably Diaspora, but which nonetheless has woven its way into virtually every corner of the world. A…

Happy Mother’s Day

On the occassion of Mother’s Day, Parsi Khabar wishes all the mothers of the world a very special Happy Mother’s Day. We all remember and experience everything that our mothers have done and continue to do so for us in every small and big way. And today is a celebration of the love, sacrifices and…Read More

Rahul connects with his paternal roots

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi connected with his paternal roots and met up with his Parsi relatives at the wedding of his distant cousin Tanaz Patel at a gala traditional function at the Jeejeebhoy Dadabhoy Agiary at Colaba in south Mumbai on Tuesday evening. Rahul’s grandfather, Feroze Gandhi (husband of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi),…

It’s time for Sev and Dahi

By Mahafreed Irani at DNA After 10 days of praying for the departed, the Parsis are all set to welcome their New Year on Tuesday. Celebration time for Parsis has traditional as well as modern influences. This means, waking up early to a rich breakfast that consists of sev (sweet roasted vermicelli) and ravo (semolina).…Read More

Public Messages on Parsi New Year 2008

On the occassion of Navroze (New Year) here is a compilation of congratulatory message from various dignitaries. BBC Day in Pictures   President of India The President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil in her message on the occasion of the Parsi New Year, which is being celebrated tomorrow, has said: – “On the occasion…Read More

Parsis celebrate ‘Pateti’ with fervour

Mumbai, Aug. 20 (PTI): Parsis in the metropolis heralded the Parsi New Year (Pateti), with traditional gaiety and fervour today. Besides visiting friends and relatives, preparation of sweets like suterfenis, ‘jalebis’ and aawa fish topped the agenda of Parsis here. “Pateti is special as we come together with friends and family to celebrate. Also we…

Pateti Mubarak

A celebration of Zoroastrians and their lip-smackers Mumbai, August 19: It may not be accompanied by public ceremonies or street dancing, but Pateti or Parsi New Year is a ‘Mumbai’ kind of day. It’s a day every Zoroastrian looks forward to, and Mumbai loves its Parsis. While a visit to the fire temple and a…

Parsis ring in the new year

By Derineh Cooper Putting aside contentious issues like identity and the community’s dwindling numbers, Parsis prepare to celebrate the New Year. As this year comes to an end, my ruminations and research led to enlightenment through an article on the Parsi DNA (not the newspaper I write for, but the real thing – double helix…Read More

Parsi Saal Mubarak

The Mistry family is all prepared to usher in the Parsi New Year with some very delectable dishes Navroz commonly known as the Parsi New year not only marks the beginning of a new year but also symbolizes the struggle of good against evil. “The celebration begins ten days before the actual new year where…Read More

Bambai ka Bawajis!

‘We bawas live in a different world of our own.’ Food, fun and farehghat. Three words that get every Parsi in the mood. Especially on Parsi New Year. After atoning for the wrongs done in the previous year, through prayer, on Pateti, the bawajis begin their New Year with much gusto. Read: a visit to…Read More