Visitations from the World Above – MUKTADS, the Festival of Hamaspathmaedaya


August 3, 2020

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Online session on Zoroastrianism by Khojeste P. Mistree titled, “Visitation from the World Above – MUKTADS, the Festival of Hamaspathmaedaya”

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Also find a primer on how to celebrate the Muktads at home.

The Muktād or the Fravardīgān is the Zoroastrian festival that celebrates the coming of the Fravashis (guardian spirits) and the souls (urvan) of our near and dear departed family members who visit us on earth for 10 days. The Fravashis are offered prayers, sweet smelling flowers, clothing, water, fruits and food and they are drawn to the light of the dīvō which is always kept burning during this festival.

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