Zoroverse Podcast: Season 2 Episode 1 Featuring Fravash Chothia


March 20, 2024

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ZOROVERSE Podcasts returns after a hiatus of nearly 4 years. Season 2 is speaheaded by Meherwan Patel of Karachi, Pakistan and currently studying in Singapore.

In the first episode he interviews Fravash Chothia of Toronto, Canada.

The interview happens amidst the background of the Return To Roots Program that they both participated in, during the 7th RTR Trip in December 2023.

In the first episode of Season 2, Zoroverse features Fravash Chothia, an active youth leader at the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (ZSO) in Toronto, Canada. Fravash is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and community service. The episode begins with Meherwan introducing Fravash and continues with three segments: first, a quick description and summary of Return to Roots (RTR) Day 2; second, descriptions of Fravash’s involvement at the ZSO, his entrepreneurial ventures, and his views and advice on community building and leadership at the ZSO and beyond; third, a few interesting takes through the “72 Questions”.


RTR Day 2 emerged as means to explore Zoroastrian philosophy, anthropology, and entrepreneurship for the attendees. One of the most interesting parts of Day 2 of the Zoroastrian Return to Roots trip in Mumbai was a lecture on Zoroastrian Food Anthropology hosted at the Rippon Club in Mumbai. Learn more about how the simple and everyday can provide basis to analysis complex social phenomena. In the core section of the podcast, we learn more about Fravash’s approach to community-focuses entrepreneurship. He presents how business ventures and community building ventures can go hand in hand by giving priority to fostering unity and enacting positive change.

Learn more about the principles, mindset, and a few key strategies that Fravash champions as a youth leader in Toronto through this episode. In the final segment, “72 Questions”, Fravash answers the following questions: “In three sentences describe the primary message of Zarathustra”; “ How do you summarize Zoroastrianism to your friends and colleagues?”; “How does being as a Zoroastrian fit into your other social and personal identities?” By exploring both Zoroastrian traditions and Fravash Chothia’s entrepreneurial spirit, this episode of Zoroverse offers how purpose and innovation can intersect within a community. Whether you’re interested in Zoroastrian beliefs or simply seeking inspiration for positive change, this episode provides valuable insights for personal and communal growth.

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