Everyday Parsi: Naz Jokhi


August 8, 2013

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Our first author in the Everyday Parsi Series.

Naz Jokhi writes:

I am Nazneen Jokhi living currently in Copenhagen with my 10 month old son and husband Shahzad Jokhi. My husband and I both are devout Parsees and love globetrotting as and when opportunity arises.

For me Muktad is the 10 day period where we welcome the departed souls of our beloved and set the table with fresh flowers and lit the diva for solace and well being of the departed and the living. It is a time where prayers are recited and the entire house undergoes cleaning and is ready for autumn.

It is the only occasion in the whole year when I have experience my grandfather’s presence time and again annually since he departed 15 years ago. It is the means of taking time out and remembering the deceased and spending time together as a family while praying and introspecting the past, present and future.

Once the sojourn is over we like to shop till we drop for the New Year to come and drink and make merry.



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