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August 8, 2013

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Today is the first day of the Muktad. Over the next 10 and 18 days, Parsis around the world and especially in India remember the dear departed of their family. Special prayers are offered at the Agiaries and in homes. The 10th day of the Muktad culminates into the Shehenshahi Parsi New Year.

This year at Parsi Khabar we are starting a new series of posts by our readers, called the Everyday Parsi.

Over the next few days you will read about what the muktad days meant to these individuals. Be it a certain ritual, memories, occassions or one event that has stood out in their memory.

The people who are invited to write in are like you and me…everyday Parsis.

We hope you like the series. If something you read here, resonates with you, do leave a comment.