ZYNG Parsi Calendar Makes A Date With Controversey

By giving more than just the important dates concerning the Zoroastrian religion, a Parsi calendar released by the Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation (ZYNG), youth wing of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), seems to have run into rough weather with community’s orthodox members.

By Ashutosh Shukla / DNA India

A 65-year-old member of the community, Firoz Kotwal has written a letter to the commissioner to impound the calendar that is on sale for Rs300. The reason for the complaint: it alleges that the calendar to be “highly objectionable and anti-religious”.

The calendar, a work by Parsi youth, with professional and prominent Parsis a part of the process, besides giving dates of the three Zoroastrian calendars, has pictures of models in “short clothes”. It also provides recipes and preparation of some dishes as a footnote.

“It is like the Kingfisher calendar. How can they have such a calendar that is giving formats of all the three calendars followed by Zoroastrians? It can never be used for religious details,” said Kotwal. In his letter to the police commissioner, he has referred to a letter by one of the high priests of the community Kaikhusroo Dastur Minochar Jamasp Asa authorising him to file the complaint.

“A lot of orthodox members are aggrieved by what has appeared,” he added. When questioned about why no formal police complaint was lodged, Kotwal said that he may do it soon.

Jamasp Asa said, “Yes, we are objecting.” Another high priest, Dasturji Khurshed Dastur said, “What has been done is not proper. But this has to be taken from the broader sense. It is something that was released by the youth. We have to guide that group. Somebody should have explained to them that the elders need to be informed and asked whether this is appropriate or not.”

Tashan Mistree, a member of ZYNG, said, “I need to check on this issue. I do not think his claim has even been accepted by the police and there is nothing religious about the calendar as such.”
Dinshaw Mehta, trustee of BPP said, “We have not received any complaint from anyone.” Vispy Wadia, a member of the community who is fighting on liberal lines with the orthodox group, criticised the BPP for its double standards.

  • Boman

    “there is nothing religious about the calendar as such.” – a future trustee material being groomed by her father is reported to have uttered without application of mind. I ask her, on what are the names of Roj and Months named after? Are not Ormazd , Behman, Behram etc the names of Yezads.Ameshaspands etc? Such utterances from daughter of a Scholar makes one wonder the training imparted to her by her parent..
    Why is the calendar not being displayed in Fire Temples in the manner WAPIZ calendars are displayed.?
    The Trustees who ceaselessly exort the need to wear Sudreh & Kashti are surreptitiously silent when their own spouses are wearing skimpy blouses. What is the level of their credibility?
    And as for the reverend Dasturjees, may I ask why they not refused to solemize the marriages if the bride was found to be wearing halter neck withoput Sudreh and why they do not walk out from Navjotes when the mother of the child is found not wearing Sudreh which is visible from a strapless blouse.Is it not the lure of Ashodad that prevents them from exercising their conscience or is it that their conscience finds nothing wrong and they mutter ‘orthodoxy’ just to please a minority lobby.

  • Short clothes and models is nothing new, indian movies are filled with these and posters are on the streets everywhere so why this furor about something that was done By our Z youth?Calendar with all three Zoroastrian calendar details is hard work. Coupled with recipes is a brilliant idea. Is there a sample available?

  • Farsak.Asli

    Type your comment here…
    Puritans get paid back in the same coin. It is like physician heal thyself. For such fake puritans it is bitter medicine to consume because they will have to WITHDRAW the Calendar from Circulation.
    The same guys who prevented development of Agiari and Atash behram properties are now eyeing a virtually defunct Adarian in South Mumbai and want to line up their pockets by selling the land. Already many encumbrances have been created including renting out the place meant for Varasiyajee. It is not going to an easy cakewalk for these hypocrites as some individuals have decided to deploy the same modus operandi these ‘preservers and protectors ‘ used to prevent development of land around Dadysett Atash Behram for housing Parsees.
    This particular Adarian in the centre of hardware market remains shut even during day time and a well known Auctioneer is eyeing an opportunity to shut it down permanently. Did someone mention CASTLES IN THE AIR.?

  • Behram Aga

    Dear Parsis,
    Some time ago we had controversy about Varasia karasia. Now we have controversy about a lousy calendar, which is costing a bomb.
    How does it matter if these babes have put on sudrah and kusti or not. It would be pertinent to know what else they have not put on so that there are chances of the Parsi population increasing.
    It does not matter if one likes the calendar or not each is entitled to his views. And my view is that someone like Khojeste Mystery should convince sarbatwala Khambatta to buy at least 20,000 copies and distribute them in all the baugs just like he does with that rag called Free Press Journal. For the simple reason that @ Rs. 300, hardly any bawa will be interested to have a glimpse.
    As for the next year BPP should send a team of experts, to the Playboy chief and learn the art of producing Play Boy type calendars. Our babes can learn a trick or two from those bunnies. And the next year’s calendar should be priced at Rs. 500/- of which 30,000 copies should be purchased by Khambatta and distributed in all the baugs.
    If this is done the orthodox are sure to win the next election hands down.
    As for me I shall stick to aproo junnoo ney janitoo, janitoo ney manitoo Union Press calendar which I picked up three for less than Rs. 100/-

  • cyrus banaji

    instead of doing something constructive the elders in our community are always on the lookout to stir up controversies. I have a feeling it is their way of passing time. Could the esteemed elders of our community have ever done something worthwhile. I dont see how recipes and short dresses can harm the sanity of a calendar. let those who want to check the dates do that and those who want to check out the short dresses do that. Every one to his own. The elders should realise that their time was yesterday and today is the time they should move on into obscurity…

  • Varun Chenoy

    “There is nothing religious about the calendar” – this statement is so true! There are no religious symbols or pictures of Zarathushtra or even a Asho Farohar on the Calendar.

    A calendar is a piece of PAPER and the last time I checked, we didnt worship a calendar, nor do the Gathas or Zarathushtra or Ahura MAzda ever talk about WORHSIPING a Calendar.

    The ZYNG calendar is a piece of PAPER with the Parsi Dates and Months.

    Hormazd, Bahman, Ardibesht, etc are the YAZATAS that are worshipped! NOT a calendar.

    You so called learned orthodox Zoros are so worked up over the youth doing something fun and interesting for a change, that you are obviously not using your ‘Good Minds’ to even notice the difference in a Yazata and a piece of paper!

    GO for it ZYNG! I am happy to be a young and intelligent Parsi Zoroastrian who can tell the difference between a calendar and a yazata!

  • hormuz

    Below is a email sent regarding the issue of the ZYNG Calendar.


    Hi Firoza,

    I have been reading all the recent developments on the ZYNG Calendar front and I am shocked to see what trash talk has gone down and what all is being said about the calendar and the communities youth.

    Firstly I am not sure if this is just another washing of dirty linen in public saga where the ‘Traditionalists’ are lashing against WAPIZ or if it’s the permanently disgruntled group of individuals against the BPP.

    Either way, what is most shocking is that something which started off as a moment of pride for the Youth has turned into a much forgettable saga. I have friends who are in that calendar and I know they are all very proud of what they have done. I am very proud to see what they have done. The youth of the community is proud to see the calendar and so are most of the open minded in our community.

    This entire issue of Sudreh and Kusti (S&K) is blown out of proportion. Every single woman in that calendar is over the age of 21. Every single one of them knows exactly what they are doing before they stood in front of the camera.

    Has anyone who has been writing these hate mails calling the girls names thought even once that they are the children of someone. Do you think that after hearing all of this these girls are just going to change and dawn a S&K overnight? All of this is leaving a real bad taste and more hatred towards from the youth towards the community elders. This has to be controlled or stopped.

    Unfortunately the amount of hypocrisy in this episode makes me cringe, let me explain:
    • In 1986 one Ms. Mehr Jesia walked down the ramp in her swim suit, followed by a stunning gown, she went on to win Miss India title. No one raised any objection to her not wearing a S&K. in fact all praised her beauty and till date she is recognized as one of India’s best super models.

    • Every year there is the Rustom Baug All Parsi Body Building Competition, henceforth, it should made a must to see all the oil clad muscular men in their underwear walk out in the S&K since this is what is expected of a true Parsi.

    • Rehan Poncha should not be allowed to enter the swimming pool without his S&K. If he does so we will file a police complaint for indecent exposure. No athlete, karate instructor, fitness expert, actor or dancer should be allowed to train, dance, act or give advise to anyone henceforth without their S&K.

    • It should be mandatory henceforth that all gyms, badminton courts, table tennis rooms and football fields in colonies display signs saying ENTRY PERMITTED ONLY IF YOU HAVE WORN YOUR S&K!

    • Henceforth every Parsi should be checked when they enter Dadar Parsi Gymkhanna or the 5 Gardens to attend the football, cricket and volley ball tournament – and the parsis without S&K- their face should be blackened and made to paraded around the city!

    Do you see how ridiculous this entire Calendar issue is? It really makes one laugh when they see the heights people have gone to, to run the Calendar and the Youth down.

    I know once read people will say ‘oh but it is different, the photographs depict immorality etc’. What is immoral? It is so relative. If something like the ZYNG calendar is considered immoral then switch cable TV off for that is far more immoral, or stop going to cinemas and stop reading your magazines.

    You see Firoza there are always two sides to a coin and some feel the Calendar is wrong and a bad idea, whilst others consider it as art and depiction of beauty in its true sense. The idea of the calendar is supported by the youth of the community. Does the voice of the youth not matter at all? The Youth is the future of this community. The elders had their chance to improve the condition of the way things were/are and have floundered that opportunity.
    Leave our destiny to us, make us not hate, and see what is in store for the community in the near coming future. The community has bright, strong level headed individuals coming into the ranks. Don’t push them away. Lets us do as we have to and we shall do the community proud – that’s a promise.

    Hormuz Mehta
    From Dubai

  • Rathestar.

    One is really impressed with the sophistry doled out by Varun Chenoy as well as Hormuz. Really impressed.
    Dear young men, if the calendar in question is just a piece of paper as Varun avers then one has to ask these young men that there should be no problem in displaying this ‘piece of paper in Fire Temples throughout Mumbai, Surat, Navsari and at Iranshah. Afterall if Calendars of WAPIZ, Jewellers, and miscellaneous traders can be put up in Fire Temples then why not this piece of paper. as you term it. And why is it not hung on the wall of WAPIZ Office and many BPP Offices as yet? Answer to the point.
    One request, yours truly is a frequent visitor to many Fire Temples most days of the week and UNLESS YOU ARE ABLE TO GET THIS CALENDAR DISPLAYED IN FIRE TEMPLES, DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME IN REPLYING THIS POST with other piece of sophistry.

  • farzana

    Mr Mehta, you really don’t understand the issue or are you just pretending not to understand?

    We have no problem with parsi gals stripping themselves to get on pages of calender…we have no problems with them walking on ramp wearing nothing if they wish to…
    Anu Aga, who lent her support for the two banned priests, was vilified on WAPIZ page as a ‘HERETIC’ for admitting to not wearing sudre kusti. SO ACCORDING TO WAPIZ , THOSE WHO DON’T WEAR SUDRE -KUSTI ARE HERETICS …ITS NOT US SAYING THIS. Got it?


    When it doesn’t suit you, not wearing sudre-kusti becomes an ACT of HERESY and when it suits you the same becomes ‘depiction of beauty in its true sense’…waahhwaah!!

    And FRANKLY Varun Chenoy, IF The ZYNG calendar is just a piece of PAPER with the Parsi Dates and Months….WHY NOT DISPLAY IT IN ATASH BEHRAMS AND AGIARIES?

  • Piloo.

    I am not amazed but actually amused at the pathetic argument put forth by you that ZYNG Calendar is just a piece of paper. That way if you go to see Khordeh Avesta too would be a bounded bunch of papers going by your level of non excusable reasoning.
    Is this calendar on the walls of BPP Office or WAPIZ Office for that matter as yet. If not WHY.?
    We would be proud of our youngsters making a success of their lives. The main reason for our dwindling population – dwindling faster than Bengal Tigers,is ineligibility of our youngsters to compete in a market full of Quotas and Reservations.
    What ZYNG and like minded associations should address is to see that youngsters get opportunity to acquire higher education and improve upon their employability. I do not intend to sermonise but economic prosperity will lead to increased matrimonial alliances and our girls will refrain from marrying out. Such trivialities like Calendars are insignificant.Remember one thing,Trustees will come and Trustees will go. They are more interested in constructing unaffordable residences but least concerned about your employment opportunities unless of course younsters like you believe having made life by working in a Sleater Road group earning Rs. 7000/ a month for 10 hors of work each day.

  • Jamshed Irani

    Reference is made of the comment of Hormuz Mehta from Dubai. Dear Friend, your views are quite modern, accurate and in line with our thoughts. The remarks made by those you have labelled as traditionalists are actually attempts at sarcasm and they are by a group of enlighted persons who are true believers in Zoroastrianism but accept that change is the only constant. We have no grouse against the younger generation showing some leg; in a lighter vein, didn’t God send us here showing everything? Our comments were to expose the double standards of the BPP trustees who have proved once again that they cannot be trusted. Their views are legend and in contradiction with the theme of the calendar wheich they are upholding now just so that ‘the youngsters stay with ‘them! Every example given by you is valid. Keep up the good work. WAPIZ is just a face of some bigots; a face that is wiping itself off week after week.
    Perhaps, you should invite the trustees to your side of the world where they would be at home amongst the burkhas!
    Jamshed Irani

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    Rathestar., Piloo, Farzana,
    Do you think that you will get a cogent reply to your posts?
    These lads have just put up some illogical stuff as dictated to them by aspiring would be Trustees. These poor lads did not realize the consequences of their hair brianed utterances. Youngsters are being used as pawns.

  • Barak Aga

    The issue is not the calendar.

    The issue are the double standards of those with a puritanical espousal of the faith.

    The calendar is most welcome.

    Just as the ZYNG has taken the bold step of depicting Western culture, Western attire on the Zoroastrian religious calendar, it also hoped that very soon ZYNG led by Miss Tashan Mistree will take the pathbreaking step of leading a European in to a Zoroastrian fire temple.

    We do hope that Mr. Khojestee Mistree follows in the footsteps of his daughter, and adopts Europeans within the Zoroastrian fold, not just European culture, attire and language.

  • Barak Aga

    Dear Varun,

    You have stated, “……. we didnt worship a calendar, nor do the Gathas or Zarathushtra or Ahura MAzda ever talk about WORHSIPING a Calendar”, sic.


    But neither have the Gathas or Zarathustra enjoined on us to worship Fire, and neither are Fire Temples a part of the Zoroastrian faith.

    Neither have the Gathas, nor has Zarathustra said that there will be only 2 types of Zoroastrians, 1) Parsi and 2) Irani.

    Fire Worship, and Fire Temples were introduced in to the faith by the Persian Emperors who had hijacked the religion for political ends, just as the pseudo-orthodox, a corrupt section of the clergy and the WAPIZ have.

    Even the divinity “Anahita” was not a creation of Zarathustra or the Gathas.

    “Anahita” is an Armenian cosmological figure.

    The symbol for the Asho Farohar too was not dictated by Zarathustra or the Gathas.

    The Asho Farohar symbol is influenced by the “winged sun” hieroglyph appearing on Bronze Age royal seals, and was adapted from earlier Mesopotamian and Egyptian reliefs.

  • Varun Chenoy

    I dont know why people are harping about calendars being placed in an Agairy. The youth are not stupid and they realize that a certain decorum is required within the confines of a religious place like an agairy.
    Obviously this calendar needs a disclaimer for ignoramouses like you!
    1) You dont have to hang it in an agiary to appreciate the youth, their beauty and their special effort
    2) Just because a calendar has women dressed a certain way doesnt mean you stop wearing the sadrah-kusti. Why should that encourage or discourage a personal belief system.

    But just maybe if you have a ZYNG calendar in your house with beautiful Parsi women on it, you will:
    1) say great, at least there are pretty women in this community to encourage me to marry within the fold.
    2) or Say It’s Behram roj or Hormuz roj and it’s to visit the agairy, hence encouraging more youth to wear a sadrah kusti and acutally visit a fire temple

    I dont know Mr Mistri so I cannot comment on those of you who have brought him in your responses to my post. Each and everyone of you has said more about Mr Mistri and his daughter and obviously there is some deep seated hatred here. The ZYNG Calendar is not about Mr Mistri or WAPIZ.

    Its about people like you, adults, against people like me, young, proud to be parsi, a wearer of the sadrah kusti and STILL a supporter of a youth initiative like the Calendar because I see the big picture.

    ZYNG has brought the youth together and with a mixture of religion and modernization and they have successfully united the youth despite adults like you politicizing the arguments. That’s why I support ZYNG and continue to do so.

    And just so you know Pilloo….I am a ZYNG member and they run a small Career site online (as well as a matrimony site) for your bawas and bawis to find jobs and for employers to post jobs. They are helping youth one small step at a time, which is more than I can say for people who post here!

  • Barak Aga

    ZYNG is good at charity with other people’s money.

    It’s nothing but a surrogate organisation, and a launchpad for the kids of the WAPIZ brigade.

    Khojete Mistree’s daughter Tashan Mistry.
    Rustom Tirandaz’s son, Darayuz Tirandaz
    Hoshand Wania’s son, Burgis Wania.

    After the fathers and mothers, the sons and daughters will milk the community.

    Winston Churchill had said, “Politics is the last refuge of scoundrels”.

    Just as the parents are unaccomplished, so are the children.

    Just as the parents hijacked the Zoroastrian faith, and the BPP, being a bunch of flop chartered accountants, politicians, and small time businessmen, the children are being groomed to do so.

    Even the Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Taliban have charitable projects to cloak their evil.

    And Varun Chenoy should get his facts right before he makes a wild claim that those who post on this site have not done anything for the community.

    He may be shocked to know that those who post messages on this site may be from families who have done much more than the entire WAPIZ gang combined.

    And they did charity with their own money and effort not someone elses.

    But they did not make a show of it. They did not parade, and take advantage of someone else’s poverty.

    They didn’t have their photographs placed in newspapers, then by those newspapers and circulate them.

    It can safely be stated that most of the youth find the WAPIZ to be a bunch of scamsters, and charlatans.

    Besides most of those who head the ZYNG can hardly be termed “youth”; no 14 to 18 year olds there.

    Or may the ZYNG is like the Youth Brigades of political organisations in India where even 30 and 40 year olds are classified as youth.

  • Piloo

    Varun Baba,
    The utility of a calendar is greater in a place of worship like a Fire Temple so that one can add the name of the Roz and the month while offering prayers. For benefit of your knowledge,please read the last page of Nayeash’s and Yasht’s which require roz nek naam roz pak naam to be added while reciting. We generally do not remember the Roz and the Month. If everybody remembers the name of the Roz & mah would there be a need for calendar in an Agiary. If one goes by your logic, we should pull down all Parsee Calendars carrying advertisements of Goldsmiths, Pickle manufacturers and of course, how can one forget the WAPIZ.
    One thought in ZYNG youths were well versed with the utility of the calendar.
    You say thar you are aware that ‘certain decorum’ is required in the premises of a Religious place thus admitting that the poses in the ZYNG calendar are not in keeping with the decorum.
    As for your comment on the Career Site, it would have made us wiser to know the statistics of persons who secured employment thru this site and the remuneration being offered. For all that one knows is that a very dedicated member of your group, well qualified at that – is jobless for years and I will not mention the name as I do not intend to cause embarssment to this young gentleman.

  • Piloo.

    Further dear Varun, How can you display the arrogance in sayng ‘I dont know Mr Mistri ‘ to use your own words. This simply is height of arrogance in stating that you do not know a ‘world renowned’ resplendant personality.and an elected Trustee of B.P.P. at that. Better brush up your knowledge of VIP Parsees.

  • Barak Aga

    The WAPIZ and its surrogate the ZYNG are no different from the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

    ZYNG has conveniently dropped “Parsi” and “Irani” from its name.
    A sign of things to come, and a tacit acknowledgement of what the englightened section of the community have been claiming all along, that Zoroastrians were neither “Parsi” nor “Irani”, they were simply Zoroastrians.

  • R.S

    I agree with Barak…charity in the name of publishing calenders is a bit ridiculous and lame…Union Press does a much better job at it – price and coverage wise. In fact the inaugural issue should have been free to the parsis atleast 😉

    If the ZYNG guys are really into so-called “charity” (regardless of whose money it is) – have they atleast tried to feed the really poor parsis of bombay or atleast their own baugs/ localities??? I don’t think so….

    Their once in a blue moon events definitely get the media attention and those people (needy parsis) are forgotten as the pages are turned over…and god knows how many of them ever have a happy meal again.

    Guys and Girls…Believers and Non-believers…Lovers and Haters….conserve your time and energy and invest it in taking care of our needy parsis rather than commenting and bitching about each other online. (even thou i’m commenting – atleast i do my bit).
    You surely will make friends that way and get some smiles on some faces.


  • Phiroze

    Dear Varun / Hormuz,

    You have hit the nail on the head. Piloo, barak, farzana are a bunch of sore loosers who play politics and have an axe to grind with BPP / WAPIZ.
    Since Varun is a member of ZYNG, dare any of these to come to the next meet of ZYNG and have a face to face debate on this. Rest assured none of these armchair activists will have the guts to turn up.

  • Contra Dhongi

    Mr. Phiroze the ‘WINNER”.
    Educated and gainfully employed have no time to waste in paper orgainsation like ZYNG. Their definition of youth itself is laughable.
    If you are serious on debate, please tax your mind and give one reason why this calendar should NOT be displayed in Fire Temples. What is obnoxious about it. I find nothing wrong in the Calendar . So Mr. Phiroze see to it that it is hung on the wall of WAPIZ office and Fire Temples ASAP..

  • Barak Aga

    Dear Varun,

    You must remember, “NOBILITY IS BORN, NOT BOUGHT”.

    And we live by this credo.

  • Piloo.

    Mr. Phiroze,
    Good Morning.
    I am a choost Zoroastrian and unlike you do not practice double standards.
    It is my belief that when a Calendar contains names of Ameshaspands, Yazads etc whom we worship and consider as sacred have atop pictures of semi nude females without Sudreh & Kusti, it is definitely a sacrilege. If a calendar containing names of Ameshaspand and Yazads is a piece of paper as one of these boys have said, then I will not accept such a statement because that way even our Avesta , according to this line of approach is a bunch of papers.
    If you hold an opposite view, you are entitled to it but you cannot be a genuine orthodox that you claim to be. Such fake orthodoxy is nothing but hypocrisy. For my part, I am not a fair weather Orthodox.- orthodox of convenience.
    Lastly, I would like you to note that I do not need of any favours from your WAPIZ or B.P.P. as such no question of my praising them in form of ‘Open letters’ like those who verbally abuse opponents of these two establishments to obtain favour of accommodation in a B.P.P. building.
    My friendly advice to you, before judging others, please think twice of what you yourself are and NOT what you want others to imagine you to be.

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    @Phiroze Panthaky,
    Your remark “Piloo, barak, farzana are a bunch of sore loosers ‘ makes me wonder”. I am unable to comprehend what you imply by calling them ‘sore loOsers” What is LoOse?
    Did you imply losers?
    Actually I admire their caustic comments and digs at hypocrites. It requires guts to call spade a spade. If that makes some persons uncomfortable,that cannot be helped. Match up to their calibre.
    Name calling is no solace for hypocrites.

  • Phiroze

    Mr. Dhongi, The trustees of the agiaries know what to do. Contact them asap.

  • Contra Dhongi

    Mr. Phiroze,
    You seem to be all praise for WAPIZ and BPP. You,therefore ought to know that BPP has two Agiaries under its direct ownership.Get the Calendar in question placed in the Halls of these wo Fire Temples.
    You have a unique abillty to digress the issues. If you read my earlier post, my question to you was, as to WHY THE CALENDAR SHOULD NOT BE PLACED IN FIRE TEMPLES.

  • Barak Aga

    Dear Phiroze,

    Can ZYNG match the sacrifices these people make?

    While the world’s attention has been riveted by Arab uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt this month, Iran’s government has taken the opportunity to execute a record number of prisoners

    Iran executed almost as many people in January 2011 as it did in all of 2005.

    Since Ahmadinejad replaced Mohammad Khatami in August 2005, the number of executions has risen steadily and now is the highest in the world per capita and second only to China in absolute terms.

    At least 250 people were executed last year, with perhaps another 100 put to death more quietly.

    In the eastern city of Mashhad near the Afghan border, about 600 people are currently on death row.

  • Rathestar.

    What other communities think of us on this controversial calendar, pl visit http://www.rediff.com/getahead/slide-show/slide-show-1-glamour-first-look-at-the-zyng-calendar/20110202.htm
    After reading the comments, decide if BPP sponsoring ZYNG is a wise decision. For a change it is not the run of mill Bawa critics offering comments.

  • Rathestar.
  • Phiroze

    Mr./ Mrs. Piloo, Good afternoon, I do not claim to be anything. If you find the calender offensive do not buy/display it. Who are you to question me and why am I answerable why the calender should or should not be displayed in a fire temple?. Has the publishers or ZYNG said that it should be displayed in fire temples?. The trustees are intelligent enough to do the right thing.

  • Phiroze

    Dear Barak,

    What is the relation of your question to the topic? Is ZYNG or the calender responsible / answerable for what is happening in the arab world?.

  • Phiroze

    Mr. / Mrs. Piloo,
    The earlier post is actually meant for Mr. Dhongi. Good afternoon to you. Pls define a choost Zoroastrian. If you find the calender offensive don’t look at it. Neither do I require any favours from BPP / WAPIZ nor am I an orthodox as defined by you. I know who I am and not bothered of what others imagine me to be.

  • Phiroze

    Mr. Firoz Bakht Ahmed who is a leading Muslim commentator on social issues in his essay on “Muslims must move ahead….” featuring in the DNA of January 28 writes, ” Muslims must take a leaf from the Parsi minority which is probably the most liked community in India. Without raising a whimper about their unique religion and their rights, the Parsis have produced the best national luminaries in the field of law, industry, business medicine journalism and banking”

  • Barak Aga

    Dear Phiroze,

    At the outset nice to read your messages in a measured tone.

    The post about the executions in Iran is not related to the calendar.

    It is related to your invitation to debate with ZYNG.

  • Piloo.

    If indeed you do not bother of what others imagine you to be then you would not have taken pains to address multitude of mails on one given day.
    As regards your query about defintion of CHOOST, you can raise this query to ASK YOUR DASTURJI SAHEB on WAPIZ page since my clarification would not satisfy an ‘intellectual’ like you.
    You ask “Who are you to question me and why am I answerable why the calender should or should not be displayed in a fire temple?.” Well who are you to include my name as a part of “bunch of sore loosers” I have nothing “loose” Lastly a calendar is a calendar and is put up in Fire Temples to see the day’s Roj & Mah.