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Sandalwood and Money at the Fire Temple

When we go to the Agiary or Atash Behram to pray, we sometimes do things involuntarily without knowing if our actions are right or wrong. One such example is when offering money along with the sandalwood at the kebla.

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram, good friend and editor of Frashogard writes about this very aspect in his article Mixing Money With Sandalwood.


……….a disturbing trend is seen in all our Agiaries over the last few years – the practice of wrapping currency notes along with the sandalwood sticks and then putting the same in the metal tray at the doorstep of the Kebla. The same practice is also seen when devotees handover sandalwood for their family prayers, along with currency notes wrapped around the sticks towards the Ashodad for the priests performing the ceremony.

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